Contemporary Embroidery

Contemporary Embroidery: From Surface Design to the Stitched Mark
with Jennifer Gould

PS051817 — 3D Visual Art 
Using stitched marks and textile paints, you’ll create rhythm, movement, and visual and physical texture on fabric–not decorative, but an expression of yourself! Jennifer will guide you with samples, images and other references to pique your adventuresome spirit.
  • Thursday-Saturday, May, 18-20, 2017; 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EDT
  • Jennifer Gould, facilitator
  • Includes lunch each day. An additional $10 supply fee will be paid directly to the facilitator.
  • Materials List is provided on our website
  • MoonTree Paint Studio

Jennifer Gould’s life as a textile artist began early–as a child she made doll clothes on a sewing machine and learned to embroider from an elderly British neighbor woman. She made her own unique clothes, and taught herself to weave tapestries and crochet as a teen. As a junior in college, she spent a year in Tokyo, Japan at Waseda University where she studied weaving at the Yukitsumugi Kimono Factory in Ibaraki Prefecture and first saw indigo vats sunk into the ground.

Her exploration of weaving, dyeing, screen printing, textile painting and hand spinning has been a lifelong pursuit; a constant fascination with all things textile. Jennifer is known for her textile figures (dolls) that she began making over 30 years ago.
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